Common Wedding Flowers

common wedding flowers

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Mary post wedding

Mary post wedding

I photographed some of my friends' wedding this weekend. I wasn't the principal photographer, and as it turned out there were at least another 7 DSLRs there, so there was really no pressure. Because of that, I steered clear of a lot of the 'wedding' shots as they were being taken care of, and tried to get shots of the details of the day as well as the guests and the bride and groom. I'm giving them an album as a wedding gift so I'm really pleased with how many turned out well. I think having the time and lack of pressure to get things right really helped as I was able to put more thought into things.

As well as getting some of the smaller details, I did of course get some great traditional shots as the reception was in a really nice hotel in Stratford so there were a lot of nice little areas for photos.

As a side note, whilst I was setting up this particular series of shots, some things annoyed me which led to me discovering the "Uncle Bob" phenomenon! As I said, there were lots of other DSLRs there and I was not the main photographer. However, the main tog was another friend and we had arranged with the B&G to work together - he would do most of the staged and formal photography as he has experience, and I would be there in a less formal capacity and to give him a break from time to time. This meant we could both enjoy our friends' wedding, but that we could also both have a role in the day and contribute some nice photos (for me, that is part of my gift to the couple). Anyway, I spent a long time moving furniture, positioning the bride and directing these pictures, and these are intended to be portfolio shots, so what happened next annoyed me a bit. I turned round to see a bunch of people behind me, not only all snapping away but also distracting the bride, and then standing in my way! At first I felt that I was wrongly annoyed, but after reading some wedding photography blogs, apparently this is a common problem! It was food for thought anyway, but a bit of a shame that the wedding album I'm giving to the bride and groom will have some photos which they have already seen. Anyhoo, I have mixed feelings over whether I have the right to be slightly miffed, but have channelled them into trying to edit well and make sure that my photos still look nice for them :)

Comments welcomed as always.

Lisa Wedding Design

Lisa Wedding Design

I have a huge amount of trouble drawing directly to fabric, especially darker tones. Chalk never stays, everything else doesn't work either. Intricate stuff like celtic knots etc get royally messed up. I don't like tracing paper either because it smudges my hands, and I LOATHE tracing if I don't have to.

As a graphic designer I have massive experience with Photoshop and PageMaker (and similar layout software). I will often take and modify images, royalty free art and my own digital images to make an on computer stitch layout.

The bonus with this is that I can make the image the exact size I need, this one is 5x7, a common photo size. I made it just under, so it will fit in a standard, off the shelf mat and frame

I actually took several images, like several pieces of flower art, and sized and scaled them to match, clipped them and put them together. This will be for one of my hubby's coworkers. The flowers are her wedding floral theme. She has cats. He has a dog. I simply print it on standard paper, cut it out and baste it to my fabric while it's stretched.

If I'm going to running stitch I do so directly through the paper, this works REALLY well for busy background images on your fabric too. If I'm going to satin stitch or do other fill I use applique to carefully clip out the sections, satin stitch then clip out the next. The unicorn project, for instance, was done in this exact way.

I just wanted to post this to have up to show people what I mean when I try to explain it. I'm looking forward to finishing this and being able to put the completed project up side by side.

common wedding flowers

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