Arranging Cut Flowers. Yellow Pincushion Flower

Arranging Cut Flowers

arranging cut flowers

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arranging cut flowers - Creative Flower

Creative Flower Arranging: Cut and Dried Flowers for the Beautiful Home

Creative Flower Arranging: Cut and Dried Flowers for the Beautiful Home

Tamaris Ryan has taught flower arranging in Britain for many years as a regional demonstrator for NAFAS, the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies. She has organized many flower festivals in stately homes and churches, including Salisbury Cathedral, in her home town, where her arrangements feature regularly in the annual festival. She also acts as judge in flower arranging competitions organized by NAFAS, ans has won many prizes for her own designs. Includes information on the following: Tricks of the trade -- Equipment and basic techniques -- Design considerations -- Directory of flowers and foliage -- Halls and stairways -- Living and dining rooms -- Kitchens and bedrooms -- Bathrooms and conservatories -- Seasonal celebrations -- Flowers for gifts and special occasions.

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Flowers from the cast of "The Boy Friend." This is the first time I've gotten a huge bouquet of flowers from a show and actually made them look good. Usually, I just chuck the whole thing in a vase that's not quite the right size and hope for the best. This time I took out all the baby's breath (put it with my older dry stuff) and other filler (threw it away), cut all the flowers down to about half their previous size, and arranged them in vase that actually fit pretty well.

Cut flowers for our dinner table 100 1969

Cut flowers for our dinner table 100 1969

#5: Chapter 2, part 2: I took several pictures of the basket of cut flowers. It would have been nice to arrange the flowers in the basket a little better. I like the shadows both surrounding the picture and from the basket; also I tried to include the detail within the tulips. I cropped, & adjusted the light. I could have masked the dark patches but liked it this way. J.

arranging cut flowers

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